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Author: Dr Lucy Glancey

V lift

28/01/2011 at 15:17:13 | by Dr Lucy Glancey

V is for Lift! The latest non surgical face lift


The 'V' lift is a new concept from Merz Aesthetics involving lifting without surgery. It is an innovative technique using Radiesse® for lifting, volumising and contouring.

The ageing process is a fairly complex one and can vary greatly from person to person. We have to understand the various facets of ageing in order to address the outward symptoms which include folds, sagging contours and loss of volume to mention a few.


We often refer to the ‘Beauty triangle’ which reverses as we age leading to sinking cheeks, uneven contour of the jaw line and loss of volume particularly in the upper face and temples.  In younger faces the widest point is seen across the cheeks and tapering down to the chin giving us our imaginary triangle. However as we age the width across the cheeks decreases and the jaw line becomes less defined leaving it as the widest point and so the ‘triangle’ alters.


When surgical facelifts are performed surgeons have to be familiar with what are known as vectors of pull. This allows them to tighten muscles and skin in their natural direction of lift and so avoiding what has become commonly known as the ‘wind tunnel’ look seen in many high profile celebrities. A better understanding of these vectors has allowed surgeons to achieve more natural results which are far more aesthetically pleasing.

This same principal has been applied to the new 'V' lift technique giving shape and definition, reversing the beauty triangle back to its original position. By placing the product in the correct position both for lifting and restoration of volume the jaw line can be sharpened, cheeks lifted, temples restored as well as increased collagen formation, tone and suppleness.

I introduced a surgical lifting technique into the UK several years ago known as the ‘Thread lift’. This involved surgically introducing threads under the skin to lift the face with minimal contouring.  The 'V' lift has many similarities with the Thread lift procedure with the obvious advantage of being non surgical. With the 'V' lift we are placing ‘threads’ of Radiesse® along the same vectors that we would with the surgical thread lift, anchoring them to the upper part of the face. At the same time we can then create volume working like a sculptor to achieve a 3 dimensional restoration, eliminating as I mentioned before the ‘wind tunnel’ effect.  I believe my surgical background really helps with the intricacies of this new procedure and I can combine my knowledge both as a surgeon and aesthetic Doctor. 

I have completed several ‘V’ lifts in the last few months and I am very excited with the results. Improved techniques and better understanding of the ageing face have long shown us that simply filling a line will not restore an ageing face back to a younger one. However in skilled hands this rejuvenation can be achieved naturally and without surgery and this is something my patients want.

Body Conference and Exhibition

29/04/2010 at 22:20:19 | by Dr Lucy Glancey

I'm looking forward to the Body Conference and Exhibition on the 7th October





It's the first event to be specifically body focused. The event has come about following feedback from delegates attending the highly successful FACE conference held every year in London.


Surgeons and Doctors felt that more meetings were needed to concentrate on minimally invasive body procedures which are becoming increasingly more popular.


For this first year there are some excellent keynote speakers and I look forward to reporting back to you on new innovations and techniques. 


Lucy Glancey, 12th October 2009

We really are what we eat! Part 1

01/02/2010 at 15:06:36 | by Dr Lucy Glancey

Following our recent trip to the International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine 2009 in Dubai we are starting our series of features looking at how medicine and anti ageing is focusing more and more on lifestyle, diet and hormone therapy.


The old adage 'we are what we eat' has never been more relevant when looking at the ageing process.


Whilst our patients are very familiar with anti ageing injectables such as botox and dermal fillers the medicine of the future is looking to combine a more holistic approach to our health, well being and ageing process.


At Glancey Medical we have for some time offered a nutritional and Bio identical hormonal package for patients experiencing a range of symptoms from fatigue, weight gain, lack of libido, hair loss and loss of memory. These are symptoms that we associate with getting old, but they can be alleviated and in somes instances reversed by formulating a specific programme of balanced nutrition, exercise and bio identical hormone supplementation.


We are going to look at many aspects of the ageing process starting with possibly the hottest topic at the moment that  being Human Growth Hormone.


Hormones are part of the endocrine system which is regulated by a gland called the Hypothalamus. The system is based on a bio feedback mechanism and specific glands secrete hormones that regulate virtually every function in our body.


As we know our hormones have a significant effect on ageing and we have accepted this as a natural process even though the symptoms of deficiency can be extreme and can impact heavily on our daily lives.


Human Growth Factor, or HGF as the name suggest plays a significant role of growth and repair in our bodies and is plentiful in youth. It is vital in childhood to grow healthy, strong bodies.


Growth hormone makes us assertive, strong minded, decisive and calm. It provides a deep feeling of serenity and security, reducing anxiety and makes us resistant to stress.


Growth Hormone also helps to prevent obesity and preserves muscle tone and in particular slims the tummy and firms up the thighs (I want some I hear you cry).


This hormone plays a key role in maintaining youth and significantly decreases after the age of 25 years.


Symptoms associated with a deficiency in this hormone include: lots of wrinkles; double chin; dry skin; thin skin; thin lips; slow healing; poor hair quality and grey hair.


Growth Hormone can only be supplemented in an injection form. However there are ways that you can boost your own natural levels. 


Growth hormone is secreted in much higher levels at night and when the body is in darkness. Therefore it is important to get enough sleep and in a room as dark as you can possibly get.


Production of HGH at night can be significantly affected by your evening meal. It is important that you avoid food at least 2 hours before bed time. The insulin released to deal with the metabolism of the meal can disrupt the release of HGH. Your last meal of the day should also be low in carbohydrates and low in sugars.


Exercise is very important for the production of HGH. You should exercise at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time, alternating aerobic exercise with short bursts of anaerobic exercise. You should supplement your diet by taking HGH secretagogues which are specific amino acids that are the precursors (building blocks) of Human Growth Hormone.


You should have fasted for 2 hours prior to exercise and the exercise should then be followed by a high protein meal.


Beware of homepathetic sprays that are sold on the internet as they do not work!

Food for Thought

05/01/2010 at 14:38:50 | by Dr Lucy Glancey

We have recently returned from the International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa Middle East 2009. It was our first time in Dubai and it was really interesting to discover the Easts approach to anti ageing medicine.


The programme was divided into three areas: Aesthetic dermatology, Aesthetic Surgery & Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Spa.


We decided to focus on the Aesthetic Surgery & Anti-Aging Medicine section and attended numerous lectures by leading Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Doctors, Professors and Holistic practitioners including nutritional specialists, herbalists and biochemists.


The event was well attended with delegates from all over the world and the lunch breaks (and wow what a lunch) gave us an opportunity to meet other practitioners to discuss ideas and techniques they are using and implementing in their own Spas and medical centres.


We are very excited with our findings which have only served to reinforce the direction of our clinic with regards to anti ageing and want to share this with you. So over the next few months we will be posting key points from the congress on our blog, Twitter and Facebook.


So for a better and healthier approach to anti ageing watch this space!

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