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Laser and Intense Pulsed Light technologies for hair removal

30/04/2010 at 13:21:50 | by Karen Sargeant

There was a really interesting piece on this month’s consumer web site consulting room by Paul Stapleton Managing Director of Mapperley Park Clinic in Nottingham, discussing the truths and fables of laser & intense pulsed light hair removal.


It was succinct in its account of the use of Laser and Intense Pulsed Light technologies for hair removal offering a ‘no nonsense’ guide to cutting through the advertising blurb and differentiating between knowledgeable and ‘not so’ knowledgeable practitioners.


Currently there is much change in our industry with the forthcoming deregulation of Lasers and IPL’s for non medical practitioners. Up until now regulation has been in place to protect the general public however deregulation of some sectors specifically non medical practitioners will create quite the opposite. As a consequence it is even more important to ensure that if you are looking to have Laser or IPL treatments that you choose experienced and safe practitioners.


Part of my role is to provide Continual Professional Development to Laser and IPL practitioners and we focus a great deal on ensuring that they have a thorough knowledge of all types of equipment and new technologies and not only the machines they use in their own clinic. As a result they are better able to understand the uses and limitations of their machines and give the best possible treatments to their patients.


Glancey Medical has a network of practitioners that we can refer patients to if we do not feel we can successfully treat.


Before any treatment starts you should be offered a consultation. This consultation should include information for you to be able to make informed decisions about your treatment and ultimately give consent for the treatment to proceed.


This information should include differences between Lasers and IPL systems, other treatment options, likely outcomes of treatment and risks. Practitioners should be able to clearly describe these very important aspects of the treatment in a patient friendly language and also not ‘brush’ over the risks they are important for you to know.


At Glancey Medical we allow 45 minutes for this consultation and will always allocate more time if required. We are quite honest with our patients and if we think there is a better treatment option for them (even if it is not one that we offer ourselves) we will tell them. We suggest to patients that if any practitioner states an exact number of treatments or professes to be able to eliminate 100% of the hair permanently to steer well clear, they simply don’t understand the process.


The consultation is an opportunity to gain as much information about the treatment and not

a prerequisite to treatment so never feel under pressure to book a course of treatment just because you had a consultation. A practitioner willing to invest time with you is both professional and ethical and implies that the treatment will be the same.


I really like the fact that my patients know a lot about the procedure and have been able to put this knowledge to good use when talking about it with their friends and correcting some misconceptions.


With deregulation just around the corner we can only hope that a new system of standardisation is introduced for all practitioners both medical and non medical using Lasers and IPL’s but until such time consumers need to be ever more vigilant and cautious when having these treatments. 

About the Author

Author Picture - Karen Sargeant

Karen Sargeant

Karen is the practice manager for Glancey Medical Associates and oversees the operational activities of the groups clinics and associated clinics as well as being a hands on practitioner.


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