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Birthmarks are darker or coloured patches on the skin that are either present at birth, or develop very soon afterwards and they can be pigmented or vascular.

Pigmented birthmarks include moles, café-au-lait spots, and Mongolian spots. These birthmarks are generally smooth, flat, and harmless. Moles with irregular edges, uneven

colouring, or rough texture should be examined by a dermatologist or GP because they pose an increased risk of skin cancer, but otherwise these discolorations are merely a cosmetic problem.

The medical name for a vascular birthmark is naevus. Most birthmarks are harmless and do not need any treatment. However, occasionally there are medical reasons that mean that it's necessary for the birthmark to be treated. Most people however seek treatment for purely cosmetic reasons.

In order to successfully treat a birthmark the correct diagnosis is important. Vascular birthmarks are categorised into several groups and these include some common ones including.


  • Strawberry mark (capillary haemangioma);
  • Port wine stain (naevus flammeus);
  • Stork mark/salmon patch (naevus simplex).

Laser and Intense Light Treatments can be used very successfully to treat vascular birthmarks and several treatments are required to achieve success.


Available Treatments

IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL Photorejuvenation can target different structures including hair, blood vessels and sun-damage by pulsing different wavelengths of light into the skin.