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Dark Circles under the Eyes

Dark circles can be due to a number of reasons.

  • Excessive pigmentation in dark skinned people;
  • Visible blood vessels through very thin skin in pale skinned individuals;
  • Hollowing - Many people complain about dark circles under the eyes. Quite often this is due to a dip or trough under the eye that casts a shadow and gives a tired look. This hollow or ridge running from the inner corner of the eye is known as a Tear Trough. This can be corrected using the Tear Trough procedure.  This could be hereditary, part of the normal aging process, or following lower eyelid surgery when too much fat has been removed;
  • Combinations of the above. 

Pigmentation can be caused by many factors including stress, illness, medication and it can be hereditary and is very often seen in darker Asian skins. Pigmentation can be corrected and improved using specialist prescription creams that will suppress the pigmentation and lighten the skin.

When the dark circles are caused by a vascular condition i.e. small thread veins that are seen as a matted mass of discolouration in this case Laser treatments are recommended. The most suitable lasers to treat this condition would be an Nd:Yag, KTP, Pulsed Dye or combination of all three.


Available Treatments

Obagi Medical Skin Care

With prescription only topical medication and anti oxidants in combination with diet and lifestyle advise a beautiful flawless skin can be achieved.