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This year seems to have got off to a flying start and it’s hard to believe that we are already nearing the end of March. It’s at this time that we are looking at the trends that will be big in 2011. It may seem odd to consider aesthetics in a ‘fashionable’ sense but there are definite trends which are set by all sorts of external influences such as fashion, the film industry and other media streams. So in order that we continue to offer our patients the very best treatments it’s extremely important for us to monitor these trends and choose the good from the bad! Dr Glancey will discuss her thoughts and what, in her opinion, will be the next big thing.

We will also discuss the new dermal filler range from Galderma and introduce you to Mr Jonathan Britto our associate surgeon who will contribute regularly to our newsletter and online blogs keeping you up to date with all things surgical.

For some time now we have offered hormonal screening in order to combat ageing from the inside out. As a direct result of patient demand we are also becoming more involved with fertility issues. We discuss both these topics.

So without further ado let’s take a look at what’s happening at Glancey Medical in the coming year.

Hormonal Supplementation Can Give You a New Lease of Life!

We have many patients whose lives have been transformed through hormonal supplementation with bio-identical hormones.

Feeling fabulous has to start from within along with personal happiness, good health and general well being.

We don’t want to be bogged down in our 40’s and 50’s with hot flushes, weight gain, night sweats and low or even no libido. It’s a time when women want to grab life with both hands and enjoy it but often these symptoms can be depressing and in some cases debilitating.

The results speak for themselves so we thought we would let some of our delighted patients tell you what they think and share their experiences, so here’s what they have to say; 

Hormone Supplementation

Anne French 52 year old Teacher

"As I approached my fifties I started to experience menopausal symptoms. I found the hot flushes and night sweats particularly difficult to cope with as I have a very demanding job. I consulted my GP who gave me anti-depressants. I wasn’t happy about taking this medication so I started to look for alternatives.

I became very interested in the idea of bio-identical hormones as they are natural products which can be administered topically.

After a consultation with Dr Glancey I was given a home testing kit and asked to provide saliva samples to determine my particular hormone levels. When my results were returned they were analysed and I was prescribed bio-identical oestrogen and progesterone. 

Within a matter of days my night sweats and hot flushes simply stopped!  I feel so much better and cannot believe what a difference these products have made to my well-being."

Julie Cunningham 49 year old PA

"The beginning of the menopause seemed to take hold with a vengeance and I was a little embarrassed about it as it was a sign of me getting old which I don’t want to! I was having my regular botox with Dr Glancey and I started to have a hot flush which by now was becoming a common occurrence.

Lucy suggested that I look at bio-identical hormones and recommended a book to read on the subject. By the end of the week I had read the book and decided not to waste a minute more with these horrible symptoms of getting old.

I took a simple test and completed a comprehensive questionnaire that was then analysed by Lucy.

Within a month of going on the bio-identical hormones I felt so much better and my va va voom returned (much to my husband’s pleasure)! I’m so pleased with the results and can just get on with my life. "

For a consultation call us on 0845 4585 483.

A Question of Fertility

A ‘Cougar’ has become a common term for an older woman in her 40’s dating a younger man. Made famous by the hit US series ‘Cougar Town’ staring Courtney Cox, the ‘Cougar’ phenomenon is becoming the ‘norm’ and more and more of our patients now have younger partners. This is all terribly exciting but once the relationship becomes established the ‘B’ word can raise its little head! We’ve seen a sharp rise in our 40+ patients wanting a baby and asking about fertility issues.

Fertility Issues

There are however many other reasons for mature women considering starting a family or adding to their teenage families. There are those who find they just ‘forgot’ to have a family in their 20’s and 30’s and are faced with the decision to either remain childless or ‘go for it’ in their 40’s. Some just simply feel broody and now that their older children have flown the nest they want to start again.

Whatever the reasons, there will sometimes be the question of fertility as well as other issues associated with pregnancy in later years. Whilst older mothers may be better established financially they just may have missed the fertility ‘boat’ that cruised past them in their 20’s and 30’s while they were concentrating on their careers.

Glancey Medical is working with leading fertility consultants offering advice and treatment not just to mature mums to be, but all women concerned with fertility issues. Fertility treatments have come on a long way and so much more is now known about the hormones involved with fertility and interactions within the body. Along with this knowledge has come more options and alternative treatments.

Dr Glancey can offer initial treatment advice on fertility concerns and discuss treatment options and hormonal supplementation, discreetly and confidentially.

If you’re having any issues raised contact us and book a consultation. 

We’re On The Move

After nearly 9 years at the Constable Clinic in Essex, Glancey Medical are on the move!

We are going to be relocating just a short way from East Bergholt to ‘The Grove’ in Langham, Colchester, Essex. The new clinic has easy access from the A12 and is approximately a 15 minute trip from Colchester main line station.

We hope that by moving our Essex based clinic we can offer our patients more choice with opening hours and allow us to expand our portfolio of treatments.

Our new address is: The Grove, Grove Hill, Langham, Essex CO4 5PJ and our new number is: 01206 322967.

Our London base will remain in The Wimpole clinic.

We really look forward to seeing you in our new home.

Coming Events

6th and 7th May;  Cosmetic News Expo 2011

24-26th June; Face (Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition) 2011

2nd and 3rd September; IAAFA (International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics)

New Web Page Just For Men Coming Soon!

Men's Skincare Web PageThe amount of men that come for aesthetic treatments is increasing year on year so we felt that we needed to dedicate a separate section to men’s rejuvenation on our web site. Men care more now than ever about what they look like and the ageing process. With more and more ‘lads mags’ featuring good looking men the pressure is on!

Aesthetic treatments can enhance a man’s look and not feminise it as some may think. “Understanding a man’s face shape and structure is vital for good aesthetic work” explains Dr Glancey. “For example when we treat a man with Botox in the forehead area it’s very important that we take precautions to ensure the brow height stays constant, i.e. we don’t raise the brows as we typically do in a woman’s brow treatment. Raising the brows feminises the face and we certainly don’t want this to happen in a man.”

We have put together a top 10 list of male treatments that we have found to be really popular with our male patients. So look out for the new page and get the man in your life looking (and acting) 10 years younger!!

For more guidance on treatments for men, call 0845 4585 483 and we can discuss which options would suit you best.

Galderma Acquire Q-Med

Galderma SA, who distribute Azzalure, an alternative botulinuim toxin to Botox have recently agreed to buy Sweden’s Q-Med AB to add the Restylane range of dermal fillers to their portfolio.

Galderma would gain five products derived from hyaluronic acid including Restylane, which works differently from its own Azzalure toxin.

Galderma, founded in 1981 and owned by L’Oreal SA and Nestle SA views the acquisition as an extremely positive move within the aesthetics industry.

“This is a good day for physicians and patients aspiring for even better medical solutions for their corrective and aesthetic needs.

Our ability to better meet the needs of dermatology patients and physicians throughout the world is significantly enhanced through our acquisition of Q-Med,”

commented Humberto C. Antunes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Galderma.

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New Hyaluronic Filler on The Market

With so many new products hitting the market it is refreshing to have a new Dermal filler that really does offer some unique effects and has the reliability and safety of its main competitors.

Galderma is a world-leading dermatology company, focussed on developing therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic innovations. Galderma launched Azzalure® (botulinum toxin type A) in the UK in 2009 and is now launching Emervel®, a new generation of dermal fillers.

Emervel Hyaluronic Acid

Renowned for their immediate but lasting results and good tolerability, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers now form a key part of aesthetic practice. Dr Lucy Glancey says that “the main advantage that hyaluronic dermal fillers have for our practice is that they are safe, have significantly low instances of allergic reaction and more importantly the filler can be dissolved if required.”

“I’ve had an opportunity to trial the new range of cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers from Galderma and have been impressed with the immediate results” comments Dr Glancey. “I will assess longevity of this product over the next few months and based on this will decide whether to include it into our portfolio of treatments, but so far I am very impressed.”

Emervel® comes in 5 products, Touch, Classic, Lips, Deep and Volume. 

Stem Cells Hot in 2011

The first weekend in January every year we spend 3 days at Europe’s largest anti-ageing conference IMCAS (International Masters Course on Ageing Skin) in Paris. Apart from spending the weekend in a beautiful city it enables us to meet up and discuss techniques, procedures and new products with Europe’s leading surgeons and practitioners. The event was packed with lectures and seminars as well as live demonstrations, teaching courses and an exhibition with over 120 exhibitors.

“IMCAS is such a great place to pick up new ideas and evaluate our techniques” comments Dr Glancey. “This year was particularly interesting and I attended several lectures on stem cell therapies and the increased use of growth factors”.

There have been considerable advances in the use of stem cells in medicine over the last decade to treat disease or injury and this interest has migrated across to the aesthetics industry with its seemingly endless possibilities for rejuvenation in what has been coined the ‘grow your own facelift’. Stem cell technology in simplistic terms offers significant potential for generation of tissues that can potentially replace diseased and damaged areas in the body, with minimal risk of rejection and side effects. In aesthetic terms this same technology can be used to regenerate tissue and bring about rejuvenation. Stem cells can be harvested from a number of sources but typically for rejuvenation purposes the cells are taken from fat cells, rich in stem cells and growth factors. 

“There have been several attempts in the past to implant ‘live’ cells for rejuvenation that, in the early stages appeared very exciting but later proved to be unsuccessful” explains Dr Glancey. “Much more research has been completed since these early attempts and the technology has moved on leaps and bounds and the future of stem cell and growth factor procedures is looking very promising. I will monitor these developments with keen interest and definitely think this is the hot topic for 2011”.

The Nip & Tuck Low-down Direct From Our Surgeons

Jonathan Britto and Raj Ragoowansi have been working with Glancey Medical for over 5 years, offering surgical procedures which complement our aesthetic treatments. With the wealth of experience they bring we can give our patients the very best advice and treatment options.

They will be regular contributors to our newsletters and blogs, bringing you the latest surgical techniques and procedures and we look forward to more snippets of information and tips on what can, and cannot, be achieved by the discerning aesthetic surgeon!Jonathan Britto

In this month’s Newsletter Jonathan discusses the annoying problem of skin bulging over the bra line, known as the axillary fold.  

Reshaping the axillary fold - restoring comfort and confidence

The axillary fold is an uncomfortable and unsightly excess of volume between the outer aspect of the breast and the inner arm which becomes more prominent on wearing tight-fitting clothes and push-up bras. The fold can fluctuate with body weight and if it consists of breast tissue (the axillary tail), can alter in size with the menstrual cycle.

Examination includes a thorough assessment of the fat and breast tissue components together with tone, texture and turgor of the overlying skin of the fold, and neighbouring cosmetic units of the arm and breast.

In the majority of cases, especially if the skin excess is mild to moderate, bespoke liposuction (without the need for scars) under local anaesthesia is carried out, both at a deep level to remove the soft tissue 'fill' and at a superficial level to encourage the skin to adhere to the underlying chest wall and muscle.

If there is a reasonable skin excess, in addition to the liposculpture, the skin is removed through scar hidden in the valley of the axilla (armpit) which is closed with self-dissolving sutures and a routine dressing applied.

Following the procedure a tight-fitting upper garment is worn for 2 to 3 weeks to minimse swelling and facilitate comfortable recovery. Gentle upper arm exercises are encouraged at one week following the procedure with gradual return to full-time activity at three weeks. Weight-lifting and upper arm muscle strengthening is deferred for three weeks.

Axillary Fold BeforeAfter Axillary Fold reshaping

Before (left) and After (right) axillary fold reshaping

Call now for a consultation on 0845 4585 483.

And Now to Look Forward...

We are really looking forward to relocating to our new Essex clinic in April. Lots to do, but all very exciting and we welcome all our Essex patients new and existing! 

We are keen this year to look at the latest fat eliminating procedures and in particular a system called Zeltiq™ which is a non-invasive fat sculpting device which eliminates fat by literally freezing it away. We caught up with the manufacturers this year at the IMCAS conference in Paris and discussed the results with practitioners that were already using the device. Last weekend we attended the BACD’s (British Association of Cosmetic Doctors) annual meeting in London and again discussed this procedure. The feedback is extremely promising and it’s something we are looking at with interest.

Wishing you all a very happy spring.

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