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Like us, you may have wondered where this year has gone! It seems to have flown by and with Christmas just around the corner (sorry to mention it) we are looking forward to a busy time with the party season nearly upon us.

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Gift Vouchers

A voucher isn’t just for Christmas!

Don’t forget our gift vouchers for that someone special at Christmas or any time you want to show you care. With all denominations available you can even put one on your own Christmas list!


IAAFA LogoBack in September we attended the IAAFA (The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetic) Conference.

Dr Bob Khanna is the president of the organisation and its members are made up of Dentists and Aesthetic Doctors and Surgeons.

It’s an interesting mix which gives this Conference an interesting slant by bringing all three disciplines together in a holistic approach to facial aesthetics.

Our very own surgeons Jonathan Britto and Raj Ragoowansi were guest speakers along with many other distinguished Doctors.

A Conference highlight was a lavish Arabian night themed ball that successfully raised money for the Make a Wish Foundation.

We were particularly interested in the discussion on removal of lumps and bumps given by Dr Russell Emerson.

Interestingly, the NHS is no longer offering removal of benign lumps, bumps and sun damage related lesions. This means that patients now have to turn to private practice for this type of treatment.

It’s extremely important that when having this type of procedure that you ensure the practitioner is skilled in recognition, diagnosis and removal.

Read our article below for more information.

New Year Offers

To get the New Year off to a good start we like to treat our clients with offers on selected procedures.

The offers will be available from the end of January 2012 for a limited period only so don’t miss out and make sure you book early.

Birth Announcement

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Isabella and Olivia on Monday 3rd October 2011. Mother and babies are all well and it's business as usual.

Lucy would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and cards and looks forward to seeing you all soon.

Have a massage on us...

...in our fabulous new state of the art massage chair available in the Essex clinic.

Before or after your treatment you can sit back and enjoy a choice of head to toe massage techniques including shiatsu, kneading, wavelet, pummelling and many more!

Automatic body scanning technology adjusts your massage position as well as relieving muscle fatigue and improving blood circulation.

Lumbar blood circulation is improved with a waist heating device and there’s even an interactive music feature.

So give yourself a little extra time on your next visit and try it for yourself.

Lumps and Bumps Clinic

Lumps, Bumps, Warts and Skin TagsHalloween may just have gone but having real warts, lumps and bumps is no joke!

With raised awareness of skin cancer and the need to protect against the sun we have become more vigilant in checking moles, lumps and bumps that appear on our skin.

Luckily a large proportion of these turn out to be totally innocent and absolutely no risk to our health.

However they can be cosmetically unattractive, annoying and do tend to be a sign of ageing as most benign lumps and bumps take years to mature.

The NHS is no longer treating these types of benign lesions and removal is only available through private clinics. Most conditions are easily treated but it is extremely important to have them checked by an expert to diagnose correctly and ensure they are safe before any removal.

Identifying lesions that may be suspicious is not easy but worrying signs include changes in size or colour, itching, burning, bleeding, or pain. The ABCDE rule of melanoma may be helpful:

  • A - Asymmetry

  • B - Border irregularity

  • C - Colour variegation

  • D - Diameter greater than 6mm (the end of a pencil head), although melanoma can occur in lesions less than 6mm

  • E - Enlargement

Glancey Medical Associates offer a lumps and bumps clinic for diagnosis and removal for a range of lesions and can also arrange biopsy testing for suspicious lesions.

Luscious Lashes

Luscious Lashes

With the party season getting into full swing there seems to be more and more maintenance; if it’s not hair it’s nails, spray tan or lashes.

The recent trend of individual lashes lasting between 2-4 weeks is fab but we have seen an increased number of our patients losing their natural lashes from repeated application. We have the answer, grow your own!

Using specially formulated drops you can grow longer, thicker, more beautiful permanent lashes.

There are many lash lengthening products on the market but they are usually a low strength formula and considerably more expensive. Our price is only £45 a bottle so why have fake when you can have the real thing.

For more information on this please contact us on 0870 4585 483 or enquiries@glanceymedical.co.uk


The Nip & Tuck Low-down Direct From Our Surgeons

Breast Augmentation, The Shape of Things to Come 

Jonathan BrittoJonathan Britto and Raj Ragoowansi have been working with Glancey Medical for over 5 years, offering surgical procedures which complement our aesthetic treatments. With the wealth of experience they bring we can give our patients the very best advice and treatment options.

In this month’s Newsletter Jonathan discusses breast augmentation.  

What’s new in breast augmentation?

The choices and opportunity for bespoke outcomes in breast augmentation have never been better! We have a wide range of excellent implant designs from the major implant companies who have a pedigree in the manufacture of safe products.

Breast augmentation with breast implants has been around since the late 1960s and has come of age – with better implants for a wider range of shapes, consistencies, and sizes! Medical grade silicon implants are available in a number of different gel–fill consistencies and textures which have improved the cosmetic results, for a more natural breast consistency, bounce, and ‘feel’. The problems of capsular contracture and the hard painful breast post–operatively are now all but historical – thankfully! It is rare nowadays for me to encounter a patient with a painful contracted implant and breast, the so–called ‘breast cripple’. On the rare occasion that this occurs because of historical problems with infection, or poor quality implants placed by less reputable providers, we have the choice to use polyurethane implants to salvage the situation for a comfortable and contoured natural result.

We can now choose from a variety of implant shapes, conical (yes really!), anatomical (tear drop shaped), or round implants with a range of widths, heights and projections. By careful assessment in the consultation, we can choose the right anatomical plane for surgery, make the correct hidden incision, and fashion exactly the right pocket for the chosen implant. This can allow breast uplift and augmentation via a small scar to throw the nipple complex forward and upwards for a natural projection. The result is a natural look for a comfortable breast and feminine shape.

What about alternatives to implants for breast enlargement? For the smaller breast, fat transfer has been a very valuable option – liposuction from those ‘love handles’ and breast uplift/augmentation at the same time!

There are many options in breast augmentation and uplift for the youthful breast, or the post pregnancy and breast feeding ‘slack’ breast. The choices and options for a natural result have never been better!!

For more information on this or other surgical procedures please contact Glancey Medical Associates on 0870 4585 483 or enquiries@glanceymedical.co.uk.

And now to look forward...

This month’s newsletter is short and sweet as we are preparing for an extremely busy 2012. We have spent the last 18 months looking at new equipment and techniques and are planning on introducing the best of these into the clinic in the early part of next year. So keep an eye on the Spring 2012 Newsletter.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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