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Eek! What Has Madonna Done To Her Face


Madonna has made a career out of shocking people, but we suspect even she was taken aback by the reaction to these photos. Pale and gaunt, with her skin stretched weirdly across her cheeks and her lips swollen into a contorted pout, her appearance as she left a Kabbalah meeting in New York last week caused headlines around the world and prompted fevered speculation she had had some kind of plastic surgery. Her brother Christopher Ciccone further fanned the flames when asked during an interview whether he recognised his sister these days, he retorted, "Not after the facelift".


It's now suspected Madonna has undergone the "Y Lift", a non-surgical mid-facelift. This involves injecting Juvederm (a filler) into the area just below the cheekbones, to make them look more prominent, and to soften the "marionette" lines that run from nose to mouth. It firms up the jaw, too. Having studied the pictures, cosmetic surgeon Dr Lucy Glancey told Grazia, "Madonna looks like she may be recovering from some form of cheek enhancement. This is where filler is injected into the cheeks to restore lost volume and plumpness. Her jaw-line looks tight, so I think she may also have had a lower facelift. Its very likely she's had filler in her nose-to-mouth lines, too, and maybe Botox in her forehead".


Madonnas publicist has since denied the singer has gone under the knife saying, "I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad". She claims to have seen Madonna two days before the pictures were taken, and said "she looked amazing glowing skin". However, having a sly nip/tuck is something Madonna herself has refused to rule out. "I'm not going to have a press conference if I have plastic surgery". she has said. "But I've said many times I think about it, like, everyone, and I sure don't rule it out". It wasn't just the sight of Madonna's face that caused uproar, however. Her sinewy arms and painfully think torso also shocked commentators. Her publicist admitted she'd lost weight, saying "She may look a little thinner but she was dancing and singing better than ever, and ate a nice healthy meal".


Madonna's sudden weight loss follows weeks of immense pressure, which has included her brother Christopher's tell all book, in which he claimed and she has since denied, that Madonna used collagen in her lips during the '80s.


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