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Rejuvenation Without Surgery


They say that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul and it has been proven that the eyes are the first part of the face that we look at.  So if yours are not looking their best, why not visit Glancey Medical Associates, where Dr Lucy Glancey has introduced a combination therapy technique into her clinic that can bring about eye rejuvenation without surgery.  She says: Many women and men come to my practice asking for treatments to improve the eye area.  Many of them dont want to have conventional surgery known as Blepharoplasty to address excess skin, eye bags and droopy eyebrows.  I have been practising aesthetic medicine for over 15 years, which allows us to show patients that these treatments are safe and effective and you can achieve fabulous results without going under the knife.

Once such procedure is know as the Tear Trough.  Dr Glancey is very well know for her experience with this particular procedure and has been features in Grazia magazine and The Daily Mail showing how well this can completely transfer the eye area.  Patients will often complain of dark circles under the eyes that make them look tired even though they arent.  This can in case cases be attributed to a trough or ridge under the eye socket which gives the appearance of a dark circle, Dr Lucy explains:  this is common in both men and women and is associated in the ageing process but can also be seen in young faces.

This trough can be filled using a fine grade dermal filler which smoothes out the hollow, making the area under the eye look smooth and rejuvenated (see pictures).  The treatment is relatively painless and gives instant results, and Glancey Medical Associates perform approximately 10-20 tear trough procedures a week.  The Tear Trough procedure can be combined with Botulinium toxin to give an eyebrow lift, and minimise crows feet, a procedure called the Eye Opener.


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