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I Wanted Lips Like Helena Christensen


I've never liked the idea of growing old, and at 25 I decided I'd do all I could to halt the signs of ageing. The area I was most unhappy with was my thin lips. I hated how they disappeared when I smiled.


Then I read an article about how the body produces less collagen as it gets older. I was horrified at the thought of having even thinner lips than I had already, and became envious of celebrities with nice lips. I thought the celeb with the most beautiful mouth was Helena Christensen. She didn't seem to age, and I realised it was because of her gorgeous full lips. So, at 27, I started having Restylane injections aged which makes lips plumper.


However, the injections left my lips bruised, and I was always making excuses to explain why my lips were black and blue. I also needed a top-up every six months.


So, in April this year, I decided to have permanent lip implants. It involves having two small incisions in the corner of your mouth, and a slim silicone tube inserted in your lips, which is filled with saline. For £2,500, my surgeon, Dr Lucy Glancey, inserted the implants in less than 30 minutes. I was given a local anaesthetic, and the procedure was practically pain-free. I love how subtle the effects are and I get a buzz when someone tells me my lips are gorgeous. I can finally smile with confidence.


Adrian Richards says:


Pros: Permanent implants have a natural fee. You can choose from three different widths to get the look that suits you best. Youll also avoid injections.


Cons: Theres a higher risk of infection with permanent implants. The recovery time will also be longer. Minimal scarring will occur in the corner of lips.


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