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Combination Treatments and Packages

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We understand that sometimes a single treatment is not enough to achieve the very best results and a combination of skilfully combined procedures is often required. Here are just some of our packages, however our practitioners can personalise programmes to suit your individual needs.


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Age & Health Management

Hormonal and Nutritional Programme

Ageing and the effects it has on our general well being can be due to many factors ranging from our environment, diet and lifestyle.  Hormones play a significant role in the ageing process from the wrinkles on our face to weight gain and mood swings. This programme uses natural bio-identical hormones to 'top up' your natural hormones to alleviate these symptoms and restore your body's natural balance.


Prices from £395



The Eye Opener

Why have surgery when this combined treatment can create an amazing rejuvenation of the whole eye area, lifting, erasing wrinkles and treating tired looking eyes. The Tear Trough procedure can be combined with Botox to lift the brows and eliminate dark circles and tired eyes. We can include mesotherapy and Collagen Induction Therapy also know as medical needling to treat the difficult area under the eye where Botox cannot be used to smooth our crêpeness.


Prices from £680


Brow Plumper

The brow area is an extremely important area for the definition of the eye. This area can be accentuated using skilful make up and brows can be enhanced using semi permanent make up  however by using a combination of inectables this brow region can be plumped and the tails of the brow lifted to compliment your make up.


Prices from £250


Eyebag Eraser

Many people suffer with eyebags and this has always been a difficult area to treat even with surgery. Depending on the structure of the eyebag injectable techniques can be used to reduce and tighten the skin under the eye. Courses of treatment are normally recommended and your practitioner will be able to advise you.


Prices from £110


Facial Recontouring

One of the most noticeable signs of ageing is loss of volume and repositioning of the facial contours, mainly downwards! By restoring volume, a non-surgical face lifting effect can be achieved. Areas that can be re-contoured include the cheeks, chin, ears, temples, nose and under the eyes. The jowl area can also be redefined using this technique.


Prices from £450



Happy Hands

The hands can be a real giveaway to the signs of ageing by losing volume showing unsightly veins. The skin can also become crêpe with the appearance of age spots. If it is just volume that is required we have two treatment options and the most suitable one will be decided during your consultation. If you need volume and suffer with age spots then we can combine the hand plumping procedures such as Restylane Vital with Intense Pulsed Light and Chemical Peeling.


Prices from £500



Lip Enhancement

There are many reasons why lips can benefit from enhancement. A natural process of ageing results in the lips becoming thinner. This volume can be replaced giving a very natural rejuvenated look. Some lips are asymmetrical for example the top lip may be thinner than the bottom and requires balancing. This procedure may also be ideal for those clients that experience the smokers lines around the mouth and in this case just the border of the lip can be rejuvenated without affecting the volume. The lips can be very sensitive and clients are given a dental block prior to the procedure to ensure a comfortable treatment.


Prices from £250.00 - £350.00


Before Lip Enhancement

After Lip Enhancement


Lovely Lips

Sometimes it is not just the lips that need enhancing but also the area around the mouth. Strong muscles can pull the mouth corners down and create marionette lines and shadows at the corners of the mouth. Combining several techniques the whole lip and mouth area can be rejuvenated restoring a youthful appearance. Lips lose their plumpness as we age and can also develop top lip lines which can look very ageing. By redefining the outline and creating a slightly fuller lip as well as lifting the corners of the mouth this ageing effect can be significantly reduced 


Prices £500.00 - £750.00



Cinderella Lips

For those clients that really do not want to commit to a lip enhancement and are apprehensive then Cinderella lips could be the answer. The lips are temporarily filled and can last from 2 -3 weeks. Ideal to try before having a longer lasting lip filler or just for a party.


Prices from £110.00