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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels - out with the old in with the new!

Chemical peeling is an extremely valuable technique to achieve optimum skin health and correct many skin problems. By stimulating new growth and encouraging the removal of old skin the appearance of the skin will look youthful and radiant. We recommend that patients follow a programme of peels from superficial to deep and our clinical skin practitioners can advise you on the most suitable peel as well as prescriptive skin care to ensure your skin looks glowing all year round.


Essentially all skin peeling whether it is mild to deep causes proliferation of the old skin cells causing regeneration of collagen which will bring about an anti-ageing effect on the skin.


What should I do next if I want a treatment?

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Medical Peel (Deep Peel)

This is the deepest peel that we offer. The peel is based on Trichloroacetic acid, or TCA, of varying strengths and removes skin right down to the deep dermal layer.


Who would benefit from a deep chemical peel?

Those that suffer from severe pigmentation problems caused by the sun or medication would find a deep chemical peel very beneficial. Melasma and Chloasma also referred to as the pregnancy mask appears as a staining on the skin and can be more apparent during the summer months. It often appears after a combination of sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations such as pregnancy or the contraceptive pill. It can be seen across the top lip, forehead and cheeks and is difficult to cover with make up. With careful preparation of the skin followed by a chemical peel this kind of pigmentation can be significantly reduced and even removed completely.

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Textural changes in the skin can be corrected with a deep chemical peel and whilst open pores can never be eliminated they can be refined as a result of chemical peeling.


Some acne scarring can respond well to a course of chemical peels but in some cases a deeper laser resurfacing procedure is required.


Fine lines and wrinkles can be softened and with the regeneration of new collagen healthy skin can be maintained with chemical peels.       


When is the best time to have a medical peel?

We always recommend that chemical peeling is best carried out in the winter months. Whilst the skin is recovering from the peel it is vital that it is not exposed to sunlight. It is also worth remembering that before the peel the skin will need to be prepared using prescriptive skin care and this can take between 4-18 weeks and can then also be used after the peel to maintain the effects. Your practitioner will advise you on the type of skin preparation required before your peel in order that you get maximum effects.


The planning of your peel will also depend on your lifestyle as the recovery time for a deep chemical peel is between 7-10 days and generally it is best to avoid social activities.


What will I look like after the peel?

The recovery period after the peel will go through several stages. Immediately after it is removed the skin will look white or 'frosted' and this will last for up to 1 hour after which the skin will become red and look 'sunburnt'. The skin may also look swollen particularly around the eyes. The redness will last a further 2-3 days and will be followed by dark patches of old leathery skin which will peel off revealing pink new skin underneath. This is the time to be extremely careful not to expose the new skin to the sun until full recovery is complete. This process will last 7-10 days and a post peel recovery kit will be included in the cost of the peel. We do have a camouflage make up that can help cover the skin during this period as well as significantly speed up the recovery process. 

Do I need to prepare the skin before a deep chemical peel?

Preparation of the skin is vital for the overall results of a chemical peel and can take between 4-18 weeks. The skin care can also be used after the peel as a maintenance programme. This will all be discussed with you at your initial consultation.


Will I need a course of Medical peels to get results?

This very much depends on the severity of the skin condition and the amount of skin preparation that is completed prior to the peel. In most cases one peel is effective but in severe cases of pigmentation or acne scarring a course of 2-3 peels may be recommended spaced 4-6 weeks apart.


What areas can be treated with a deep chemical peel?

Whilst the face is the most popular area to be treated with deep chemical peels other areas of the body can also be successfully treated. These include the hands, neck décolleté, back and legs in fact anywhere where pigmentation or textural problems occur. However when treating the body areas with a chemical peel more sessions may be required as higher strength peels are not always recommended.


What will the deep chemical peel cost?

A medical peel for the face is £450 and the skin care preparation can cost between £70-£460. Other areas of the body by quotation.

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Only Touch Peel

As the name suggests this is a high strength TCA (trichloroacetic acid) that is used for small areas of skin such as age spots on the hands and face. It is often used in combination with a medical peel to tidy up small patches that have been resistant to the full peel and it can also be used on its own when only small areas need to be treated.


Weekend Peel (Medium Depth Peel)

This is a Medium depth peel and ideal for those that do not have the time to recover from a deep peel and need to maintain social activities. Many clients ask for something to make their tired skins feel fresher and glowing and this peel is the answer. The peel is based on a weaker percentage of TCA (trichloroacetic acid). This peel is recommended for mild skin pigmentation and textural problems. Used alongside a regular skin care maintenance programme it can bring about fantastic effects on rejuvenation and leave the skin glowing and smooth.


Who would benefit from a deep chemical peel?

Almost all skin types would benefit from this peel for good skin health and to freshen tired dull skin. Mild to moderate pigmentation problems can be treated successfully with this peel, but would require a course of treatment.


When is the best time to have a weekend peel?

Most people have this peel just before the weekend! The fact that the recovery time is much shorter than a medical peel typically 3-4 days. It can be performed a day or so before the weekend and your skin will look great when you return to work on the following Monday. This peel isnt as problematic in the summer months as the medical peels however good sun protection and avoidance is recommended.


What will I look like after the peel?

The skin will look pink for the first day and over the next 2-3 days the skin will slough off rather like after having been in the sun. The shedding can be accelerated with the application of a skin care preparation that your practitioner can recommend.


Do I need to prepare the skin before a weekend peel?

Not really however as part of your skin health consultation your practitioner will advise you on prescriptive skin care for maintenance of healthy skin.  


Will I need a course of weekend peels to get results?

Typically 1-2 weekend peels are needed spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Up to 6 peels can be given when more specific skin problems. 


What areas can be treated with a weekend peel?

The face responds very well to the weekend peel and while other areas of the body can be treated the medical peel may be better suited.


What will the weekend peel cost?

The cost of this peel is £150. Courses of 6 - £750.

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